Shrine of the storm tank guide

Dragon Shire is another objective-based, three-laned map that is medium in size. The general objective is a version of "King of the Hill," with 2 capture points at the top and the bottom. When your team captures both the top and bottom shrine at the same time, the Shrine in the middle can be right-clicked and at the end of a short channel, that player becomes the Dragon Knight.

The Dragon Knight can be controlled for a short period and has 2 strong attacks-- kicking enemy heroes away and breathing fire in a damaging AOE cone in front of him.

Capturing the Dragon Knight is vital to gaining an edge and mowing through structures on the Dragon Shire map. Expanding on the aforementioned lanes, this map gives players a better understanding of the Dragon Shire. As you can see, the top, middle, and bottom lanes all contain a capture point, as noted by the orange marker.

Crucible of Storms Raid Guides for Battle for Azeroth

There are 4 minion camps in the center jungle, giving both teams an equal opportunity to defeat them. However, the last camp is below the bottom capture point, which will take a bit more planning and strategy to overtake than the others. There are two different meta options players can capitalize on while playing the Dragon Shire map. The first is the standardwhich sends 2 players top, 1 player mid, and another 2 players bottom.

This ensures balanced map placement and an equal chance at all shrines, but leaves the Knight camp at the bottom open. The second option is a more aggressive, high-risk high-reward composition. This places 1 hero in the top lane with strong wave-clear, 1 hero in the mid lane with high roam potential, and 3 heroes in the bottom lane to overrun the bottom shrine, preventing the other team from ever capturing it, and securing the Knight camp underneath the capture point.

I'll be discussing different team comps and hero choices for these 2 different meta options in Step 4: Choosing Your Hero Effectively. During the duration of the game, players will have to focus on the strategy they've has chosen to rotate flawlessly.

Continuing with the theme of the article, there are 2 ways to play the game out, the balanced version with the focus on controlled team fights, and the aggressive version which avoids team fights. If your team has chosen the standard method of play for this map, you'll be running a composition-- 2 in the top lane, 1 in the mid lane, and 2 in the bottom lane. You should start the game with a focus on gaining and maintaining controlwhich means vision control and team fights.

You'll read later that the strategy is going to be focusing on preventing you from using the Dragon Knight and team fights, so your best bet is to counter this by forcing fights. Throughout the mid game, your team should be countering the bot lane push by using the unguarded top lane to your advantage. Your team can ambush the 1 member of top lane, and capture the two Knight camps towards the top to make sure the enemy bot lane has to stop and defend.

When that happens, capitalize on it and capture the bottom shrine, which will allow you to control the Dragon Knight. The end game should be focusing on team fights, assuming you didn't allow the other team to gain an experience lead.Information on this page is written with the assumption that the rest of the guide has been read in full.

The recent buffs to Worldvein Resonance make it a potential contender for the major slot, with its ability to buff both Stormkeeper and Liquid Magma Totem each use. This build offers extremely strong burst AOE every 2 minutes, while still being fairly solid single target. Your damage profile will be a bit more reliant on cooldowns overall, but this build shines when your group can pull large packs of mobs planned around your cooldowns.

Major Essences : Blood of the Enemy. Always take 3x Igneous Potential. You should avoid stacking this trait. Additionally, Tectonic Thunder is a controversial trait. It can be quite powerful for frequent heavy AoE, but it provides nothing for single target. For Fortified this trait will do quite well.

The only situation that comes to mind would be a Fortified Motherlode. If you get eaten during Pursuit, you will be unable to cast damaging spells, so make sure you use Healing Surge on yourself!

Yazma - Save Stormkeeper for the Soulspawn adds, and ensure your group stacks them well to get the most value out of AOE and stuns. The adds can be stunned with Capacitor Totem and slowed with Earthbind Totem. Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:.

Powder Shot can be line-of-sighted with the building next to the boss use the pillars. Ring of Booty - Frost Shock will be very helpful for damage while moving if you are targeted by a shark. If you have one or more Igneous Potential take advantage of the training dummies just outside the boss area, apply Flame Shock to them for additional Lava Burst procs.

Pool Maelstrom before the totems spawn so you can quickly kill the Explosive Totem. Gunker - Try and stay inside one of the safe zones provided by the bots during this fight. Use bursty spells like Earth Shock or Stormkeeper -buffed Lightning Bolt s to break out any bots that get gunked up quickly. Use Earthbind Totem and Capacitor Totem to help crowd-control the bots that spawn.

shrine of the storm tank guide

Use Ghost Wolf to run the maze during the intermission remember: you can jump over the beams if timed correctly, but not the grates or the detector bots. Tussle Tonks - It is important to try and position yourself behind Gnomercy 4. If Gnomercy 4. If you position carefully near a corner during Venting Flames, you can pop out in between damage ticks to cast instant cast abilities.

King Mechagon - When targeted with Giga-Zap, it is best to remain still and let your other group members move away from you.

2 Minute Tank Guide LFR/Normal/Heroic - The Restless Cabal

Speed boosts like and Ghost Wolf can be handy during the pull-in from Magneto Arm, especially as its damage increases the closer you get to the arm itself. Tidesage Council - Earth Elemental can tank Galecaller Faye, making it significantly easier for melee to avoid cleaves and be in range for interrupts, as well as reducing damage to the tank.

However, this requires micromanagement of the pet to move Faye out of the Reinforcing Ward. Lord Stormsong - Using Ghost Wolf before the mind control allows you to run through orbs at a slightly faster pace.

You will need to interrupt the first one within the first four seconds of the cast and a play with a long interrupt such as mage or boomkin will need to interrupt the second one close to the end of the cast.

If that is done correctly you will be able to interrupt the second one near the end of its second cast. Sergeant Bainbridge - Use Hex on the adds where necessary. Dread Captain Lockwood - Keep Earthbind Totem down on the boss to keep her from jumping around due to her mechanic called Evasive.Boss a large amount of the trash can actually be.

Harmless until they reach low health and begin to run away in fear you need to make sure they die fast to prevent more trash from being pulled temple attendants will spam cast water blaster the tank dealing a moderate burst of nature damage you want to make sure you interrupt this these enemies.

Will also cost wash away they will mark a location on the ground at the beginning of their cast and. The location of a random player and a moment later an anchor will land on that location dealing a burst of damage and routing the player most important to kick.

Then do not interrupt the anchor of binding and instead only focus on the hill living currents are dangerous enemies that. Boss begins to cast surging rush after the class he would charge in a direction dealing damage and knocking back any player.

A random player this thought lasts 20 seconds if the debuff is dispelled several bolts will fly out of the player and land nearby. And any one hit will gain the original dot so you need to either out heal the debuff till it times out or dispel it and watch out for the circles the boss will spawn a.

Will route them for 20 seconds and deal damage to them a player rooted in an encounter where you must dodge so many abilities is really bad so make sure you nuke these tentacles fast upon reaching half health accuracy will split into three smaller equalling adds your aim is to remove these ads as soon as possible preferably by focusing damage on a single ad at a time just to reduce incoming damage.

You can move on with the rest of the instance along the next path make sure you interrupt the Gail. Zones still ever-increasing taking damage and slow you so make sure you react fast and move from them.

When fighting the wind speaker held this mini boss interrupts her wind blast cast on the tank to. Of the area whilst players stand within it to gain the haste buff and all apprentices will cost thundering blow on the tank dealing damage and reducing armor.

Effects stacks you just need to keep a close I own your stacks and be prepared to use cooldowns or kite to drop the debuff this mod will also cost whirling slam dealing damage to all players nearby after a short.

Amount of damage over time when fighting the Guardian elemental on the bridge watch out for two casts electrifying shock deals damage and applies a dot. Nuke off faith first when tanking brother iron Hall make sure that you face him away phase hindering cleave this deals damage and slows you tanks.

Whilst also removing any debuffs when entered make sure both bosses are out of the zone at all times now as for face you will frequently cast slicing blast this interrupts will cast deals a burst of nature damage and. Stacks too high when fate gains the blessing of the tempest buff it will cause all interrupts on her to trigger a. Because you messed up and interrupt after defeating the tide sage council heads south towards the next encounter.

Steel shadow damage to the entire group as well as applying a debuff that increases the amount of shadow damage you take the spell was cast. Often and therefore must be interrupted consistently or your healer will easily fall behind this mob will also apply void sea to all players this thought. Purchased from them so make sure you do while fighting the enforcers watch out for when they mark the locations underneath you when they cast deep smash these zones will erupted moments later dealing a busser damage that all players have in them drown depth bringers will cause void bolt of the tank dealing a moderate burst of.

Slightly more important to kick and touch of the Drowned will apply a dot to a random player this is also quite important to be kicked but you can also dispel the effect these guys will also spawned many abyss dweller ads these ads will quickly apply a stacking shadow damage. It is vital that the orbs do not reach you as they deal damage and stun you but more importantly you need them for the ancient Mindbender cast.

Just take the damage this will remove the old from the fight — while simultaneously removing their debuff the only other ability to watch out for is the mind rank.

Placed on random players dispel it fast as the afflicted player is also slowed after defeating Lord storm song enter the water to the southeast and swim towards the last boss while swimming avoid moving into the electrified jellyfish they do a burst of damage and. Too high as it cannot be dispelled when on land you will fight to Forgotten denizens which will train cast consume essence dealing damage to the entire group and restoring.

Health to the ad focus on killing and interrupting one forgotten denizen at a time when fighting the sunken denizen ad watch out for his melee attacks this guy hurts but is very slow he might.

Want to kite him once the trash has been cleared the group is ready to face the final boss voles if the whisperer have also full periodically spawn a large. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Home Forum What's New? Site Navigation. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Ads by Fandom. Breath of the Shrine Light the ceremonial fires within the temple using the Shrine's Breath in Shrine of the Storm on Mythic difficulty.

Murky Cerulean Signet. Briny Barnacle. Galecaller's Boon. Conch of Dark Whispers. Void-Drenched Cape. Stormlurker's Cowl. Mantle of Void-Touched Waters. Aqu'sirr's Swirling Sash. Leggings of the Drowned Lord. Blessing Bearer's Waders. Cowl of Fluid Machinations. Tentacle-Laced Spaulders. Footpads of the Serene Wake. Bracers of the Sacred Fleet.

Gloves of Corrupted Waters. Hauberk of Sunken Despair. Chain of Consummate Power. Sea Priest's Greaves. Bindings of the Calling Depths. Water Shapers. Helm of Abyssal Malevolence. Chestguard of the Deep Denizen. Belt of the Unrelenting Gale.Shrine of the Storm is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Stormsong Valley on the continent of Kul Tiras in the World of Warcraft game.

The level range for the normal dungeon is The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Shrine of the Storm is Faceless. This dungeon is available once you become on the alliance and available at for the horde. For the alliance, it is the end dungeon if you are doing the whole Stormsong Valley questline.

shrine of the storm tank guide

After a short speech by Lord Stormsong, Aqu'sirr will finally appear. The tank should tank him where he stands but the boss will eventually relocate elsewhere in the fight zone which will prompt you to move and fight.

He'll relocate once and then in the third phase if you can call it that, he'll split into four smaller versions of himself for you to attack. There are no external adds to worry about, just the multiple versions of himself. The one thing you should be aware of is that he'll try to blow you off the edge like in other bosses. You need to be ready to try and fight the push and therefore stay on the platform as your life depends on it.

The tank needs to pick up both adds and tank them around. The priority should be the female as she is ranged and creates large areas of damage on the ground to be avoided. If you use DBM add-on, it'll prompt you when to move.

This is probably the hardest boss in the normal dungeons as its a real killer. The main thing to be worried about is that one of the players can end being mind-controlled and turn purple. The mind controlled person should target the large mana balls that appear whilst the rest of the group dps the mind-controlled back to normality. If all else fails, the mind controlled person should walk into the fountain at the end and die. Compared to the last boss, this one is easy. You just tank and spank, moving him out of the way when he drops a large Area of Effect damage on the ground.

During the fight, the area will become misty and you won't be able to attack the boss. When the boss is unattackable, aim at the adds that appear. Once these adds are down, you can move onto the boss and finish him off. Job done.Forgot your password? Crucible of Storms is a mini-raid of only 2 bosses that will be introduced in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, Patch 8. Together with the Battle of Dazar'alor raidit belongs to the 23rd tier of content in World of Warcraft.

Crucible of Storms is found in Stormsong Valley, underneath the Shrine of the Storm instance and features the first proof that both factions will see that the Old Gods are stirring beneath the seas surrounding Zandalar and Kul Tiras; this is shown in the form of a physical piece of N'Zoth somewhere below the instance. The first boss, The Restless Cabal, are followers bound to N'Zoth, summoned to retrieve the 3 relics of power that reside within the Crucible.

Fa'thuul, the larger of the Cabal, uses brute force to overwhelm their opponents, while Zaxasj is the more tactical of the two. The final boss, Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void, was once a Naga under the rule of Queen Azshara, but was offered into the service of N'Zoth when she made her bargain with the Old God 10, years ago. Uu'nat now serves his new master, commanding a mass of forces in service of N'zoth.

Crucible of Storms, due to only having 2 bosses, has no variance in the boss order. The bosses must be killed as follows:. The fight revolves around managing the power of three relics that change the style of the fight and which mechanics will appear. Given their pact, raiders will need to ensure that they break the bond to N'Zoth on both NPCs at the same time, or end up losing the fight.

The second and last boss is Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void. From initial impressions, this boss will be similar to the setup in Ulduar, with players needing to take control of the relics they fought against previously similar to the Keepers on Yogg-Saron and defeat a mass of adds alongside the boss, over three phases.

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Shrine Of The Storm Mythic Dungeon Guide – Fatboss

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shrine of the storm tank guide

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